St. Martin once shared his coat, and in his honour today there is the special pilgrim-route “Martinus-Way”. I’m on this way now to promote sharing: for parents of special-needs children. Please share this donation link – and some of your money. Thank you!

The aim

Parents of special-needs child never appear to me like victims but like heroes. The more excited I am about the group nestwärme e.V. (nest-warmth) with its trained volunteers who gives these parents what they need most: time. Time to take a breath, time for their healthy other kids, time for themselves. This gives them new strength - just like a little vacation in the middle of their daily life’s. To that end, nestwärme e.V. needs financial support. After all, across the country there are more than 1 million mums and dads - many of them single-parents - who raise a special-needs child at home. Yet, my money alone will never be enough and therefore I’m starting another fundraising-drive for nestwärme e.V.

While I’m hiking on that way you can donate here – via this online-donation-form or via bank-transfer:
To: nestwaerme e.V. Deutschland
Bank: BfS-Bank
IBAN: DE51 3702 0500 0007 1130 00
Reason for Transfer: Spendenaktion von Sebastian Gallander

Please, share what you can and share this link via all your Social-Media-Channels.

Thank you very much for your help!
Your Sebastian

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Spread the word

The idea behind

Hello, I’m Sebastian Gallander. Whenever I see parents with a special-needs child, I am filled with silent admiration. They never seem to complain but most lovingly and fondly take care of their children. Even though these parents most likely need particular strength. Therefore, I asked myself what I could do to give them a little support, and thereby learned about the NGO nestwärme. nestwärme offers those parents a little relieve through its many volunteer time-givers. Thus, nestwärme can help in a very efficient way. Yet, to organize all this, they need financial support. Hence, I laced up my hiking-boots and set out to cross the Alps in order to encourage people to donate money. At the start, I was afraid no one would care. But then more and more people joined in. And ever since then I just couldn’t stop doing it again and again…”

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